The best patent law resources for Austin Startups new to patent law

There are several resources on the internet that are beneficial to patent attorneys, engineers, start-up companies, etc. that are new to patent law. I have included a link to each of the websites as well as a brief description of each website.

References Beneficial to Start-Ups/Inventors New to Patents and/or Patent Law:

1.       IP WATCHDOG

        This website gives a high level overview of the patent process, as well as many articles written about different aspects of patent law. Topics includes reasons to get patents, the patent bar, patent jobs, software patents, trade secrets, trademarks and others. I highly recommend anyone who is new to patents review this website.

2.       The USPTO’s website regarding patents

        This website goes over the patent process and different steps of the patent process. This website includes a very high level overview of the patent process, and includes topics such as: what is a patent, who can apply for a patent, what cannot be patented, how do I know if my invention is patentable, etc.

3.       Google Patent Search

        This websites allows users to search for patents in a friendly/known search engine format (Google). I always recommend for clients do their own patent search before deciding going forward with using one of my services. At least by using Google patent search start-ups can determine a high level overview of the patents in their field, even if they don’t fully know what can be protected or read/interpret the claims associated with the patents.

4.       Cornell University Law School Patent Law Blog

        This website describes what a patent is and includes an easy interface to access different sections of the MPEP (the patent rule book). The website describes the requirements for patentability (including novelty, nonobviousness, etc), the patent application process, rights of a patent owner, patent litigation process, etc.

References Beneficial to First Year Patent Attorneys:

1.       Patentlyo

        This is the premier patent law website read by many practicing patent attorneys. Great website that  includes summaries of recent patent law cases, as well as graphs/charts analyzing new patent law trends. Furthermore, this website includes new patent laws as well as proposed patent laws, which may be beneficial for patent attorneys when advising their clients.

2.       The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

        This website is the docket of decided cases by the US court of appeals. This is where patent attorneys can find the opinions of new cases decided by the federal circuit. Because there are not that many patent law cases in the US supreme court’s docket, this is the best place to look for precedential cases.

3.       Bitlaw

       Website that includes many of the USPTO forms as well as the MPEP in an easy to search index. Bitlaw also includes some commentary on the law on each of the sections of the MPEP.

4.       Finnegan Patent Blog

       This law firm gives effective strategies that patent attorneys can use when prosecuting patents.

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